Behind The Scenes

This part of our site is still under construction but we wanted to let you know what will be here as we move forward.

This is our Behind The Scenes section where – with blog posts, photos and lots of videos – we will reveal all the secrets of how Ruffus The Dog episodes are made.

Video interviews with the creative and performance team involved in the production of Ruffus The Dog will share how they all worked together to bring the characters and stories to life.

Behind the scenes video and photographs will extensively document the process of the development, writing and shooting of the show.

Discussions with the puppeteers, designers, technicians and director will illuminate the art and craft which was applied to every episode.

And Ruffus himself with some of his storybook friends will also reveal what it’s like to live in a bookshop, act out fairy tales and run away from Giants.

So please keep checking back to see how we continue adding to this section, telling everyone about the creation of Ruffus The Dog.