The Troll Under The Bridge

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The Troll Under The Bridge

Ruffus plays a young baker. He, and the rest of the folks in his town, learn a lesson about the homeless in this re-telling of “The Troll Under The Bridge”.

Features the song: “A Misfit’s Chance To Change”.

5 Responses to “The Troll Under The Bridge”

  1. Richard Says:

    I love the troll under the bridge story, and I have to say I love the social-justice take on a classic tale. I think you’re really on to something there. Lots of parents are looking for media that addresses some of theses issues while still being entertaining and well-appreciated by kids. I have to say I was disappointed that the other episodes didn’t seem to have the same approach… I think you could definitely have tried the same approach with other stories: goldilocks as a take on food issues and hunger in the community, your 20,000 leagues around oceans and ecology, Etc. I think that would be a great niche to do well

  2. Ruffus Says:


    Thanks for your comment. When we started to doing Ruffus we didn’t really have a plan other than tell funny versions of classic stories. Over time the stories themselves started suggesting ways of making them more relevant. Having worked in children’s television for 30 years now I’m well aware of the dearth of quality content and at the same time myself and my colleagues are reluctant to be overly-preachy or, for that matter, politically correct. Sometimes all a child needs is a really good fart joke to make their day – and we aim to please.

    Singing dogs, joke cracking chickens and pratfall prone pigs give us plenty of opportunities to satisfy the tastes of all viewers and we love hearing from people who like what we do. Heck, we even love hearing from people who hate what we do. Our production of “A Christmas Carol” is, by the very nature of Dickens original story, going to lend itself to thought provoking content – and I’m sure we’ll find other stories to pursue that allow us to give voice to issues, concerns and even good fart jokes that everyone will benefit from hearing, seeing and smelling.

    Thanks again for commenting. Be sure to tell your friends to visit our IndieGoGo pages for more information on “A Christmas Carol”.



  3. PeaBee Says:

    this is PeaBee’s new favorite episode.

  4. Ruffus Says:

    Thank you, PeaBee! You’re a gem!

  5. Guest Says:

    I watched this when I was a little child lots of times…

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